about fiberroadFiberroad founded in 2008, is committed to developing and manufacturing and selling network communication products. In particular, the focus on fiber optical technologies, Ethernet technologies and the integration of broadband access technologies. With leading-edge technology and high quality service as the driving force, we continued steady growth, and become a top global equipment supplier of innovative last-mile access in the telecommunications market.

As our professional engineering team have devoted ourselves to the R&D for a long time, so that the products have been quiet mature. We have received much popular recognition from our current Telecom operators, Telecom engineering contractors, and Solution Partners in the world. This alliance covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, plus North and South America. This global partnership receives direct engineering and technical support from our company headquarters in Shenzhen.

As services such as voice and multimedia are moving to IP based technologies, carriers have found that their core networks can be operated more effectively and economically if the public switching networks are migrated to a next generation IP based networks. This proactive thinking will allow us to continue developing IP Camera solutions for today and tomorrow’s markets.

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