With the development of the society, the security products get more and more attentions from People, which make video surveillance system products applying into every corner of our lives. It has been an very important role for our beautiful life, so about how to better use it, PLS select FiberRoad. We will provide you with innovative, high stability, high cost-effective products, the most competitive solutions and a full range of services.

Home & Residence

As for community safety, modern safety awareness is growing, which can be very important to protect personal and property safety. Now video Surveillance can help to protect the residents , apartment visitors and community members more effectively and conveniently in the center of the park, swimming pool or community centers. You are always far from damage, theft, loitering and damage.

In commercial public

It is very crowded and noisy in commercial public, so disputes are often happened because of property and personal safety issues. Then video surveillance is the perfect security solution. It can keep the facts in records, which hot only protect your property and personal safety well, but also can monitoring service efficiency and status, pay close attention to the scene, and so on.

Industrial and Company’s

The comprehensive and convenient monitoring system is very important for companies and factories. To prevent unauthorized personnel exposure to hazardous area and valuable assets save area, need around the clock monitoring, joint alarm device. So that is it would be easy to deal with any emergency situation, and check the situation of workers by centralized and remote video monitoring and management. That is convenient, science, saving cost.

Government Organization

Public security is very important for it related to social stability, coming to everyone’s life. Is also catch government’ high attention. They spend a lot of manpower, money to maintain all aspects of security every year for public places such as Park, courthouse, museum, prison, etc.  All need setting up completed professional video surveillance system according to the practical environment, to keep criminal record, forensics, and Deter criminals.

Public Transportation

Public transport safety is one of the largest community in question links with the more developed transportation, traffic safety has become increasingly important. Highways, subways, car parks, etc., most of those need to take action in emergency situations, so problems solving, intelligent and stable, convenient monitoring is crucial.

Education Institution

Educational institutions has been the importance of groups in various countries, so educational institutions have high security and communication requirements. Camera unique quality and flexibility are adapt to monitoring care of the children in the nursery, school bus, in the hallway. It effectively reduces the threat of harassment and violence.