Home security(surveillance solution)

Home security

More and more People attention to the safety problems for the family, sometimes go out to travel or work, all can’t help but look at home is ok, for example:  if there is a trespasser in home, if the elder and the baby is ok in home and so on; Home video surveillance will solve your worries, let you more comfortable to do your own thing.

Home network video surveillance system application requirements analysis:

  1. The installing environment is sample, small area and a few accessories of equipment.
  2. It is economic, with full functions, stable performance.
  3. Easy to manage and install, high quality images with low bandwidth.
  4. The system can real-timely monitor, recording, checking, alarm and so on.


Home network video surveillance products configuration list

Recommend listing:

FVCI-8015×1:  The living room, doorway, balcony, audio and video surveillance;

The Router×1:  ADSL connect to public network, convenient mobile surveillance and remote computer CMS surveillance and management;

FVCI-6012×1:  Door Contact, installed on the balcony, audio and video surveillance, management and double as a detector;