School security(surveillance solution)

School security:

Scale modernization of the campus has been growing more and more colleges and universities tend to socialization, so that security is an important part of the project of campus safety management, but also reflect the nature of the security features important part. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for campus to conduct a convenient and comprehensive monitoring system , except establishing a scientific management system. Campus network video surveillance system solution not only can be completely freed Managers from the daily concerns, but also, it can manage campus scientifically through combining with long-term concentrated monitoring of the situation. 

Requirements analysis for campus video surveillance system application:

  1. 7 * 24 hours real-time video surveillance;
  2. Focusing on regional surveillance, such as dormitories, canteens, school buildings, libraries, playgrounds, etc.
  3. For the entrances of whole campus surveillance, and supplemented action of alarm and video
  4. Support for mobile phone remote monitoring and remote centralized management.
  5. Meeting for people easy to operation and management.


School surveillance system Feature:

  1. Networking, Real-timely monitor in anytime, anywhere through network. 
  2. The network-based storage, local storage and remote storage combination
  3. High-definition images.
  4. Easy to operate.
  5. Full functions, including mobile monitoring, action of alarm, PTZ control, snapshot.

Home network video surveillance products configuration list Recommend listing

  • FVCI-8015×N
  • FVCI-6012×N
  • FVCI-70X0×N