25G Optics of Things

With the development of data center with the broadband upgrade, optical module plays a more and more important role. We know that light modules have evolved over the years, The speed was increased from 10G to 800G, and the form factor was improved from 1X9 optical module to the current mainstream QSFP28, CFP2 optical module … Continued

IP over DWDM & Optical Line System

‘Internet Protocol (IP) over DWDM’ is the concept of sending data packets over an optical layer using DWDM for its capacity and other operations. In the modern-day world, the optical layer has been supplemented with more functionality, which was once in the higher layers. This creates a vision of an all-optical network where all management is carried out in the photonic layer. … Continued

Data Center 100G DWDM Connectivity

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure your end user experiences service that is fast, powerful and available, as demand continues to spike amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has brought edge computing, and edge data centers further into focus as hundreds of millions of students and employees continue studying and working from home. … Continued

200G Coherent Single-Fiber Bi-Direction

Popularly, Because of the additional cost of narrow linewidth integrated tunable laser assemblies (ITLA) and Cross talk from back reflections when it operates at a different wavelength than its transmitter. The popular 100G/200G DCO-CFP2 can’t support bi-directional in a single fiber. But now we tell “Can”. Solution Highlights BiDi (single fiber operation) utilizing dual lasers … Continued

Optical Amplifier Gain Optimization

EDFA is an optical amplifier that uses a doped optical fiber as a gain medium to amplify an optical signal. The signal which is to be amplified and a pump laser are multiplexed into the doped fiber, and the signal is amplified through interaction with the doping ions. EDFA is the best known and most … Continued