Home security(surveillance solution)

Home security More and more People attention to the safety problems for the family, sometimes go out to travel or work, all can’t help but look at home is ok, for example:  if there is a trespasser in home, if the elder and the baby is ok in home and so on; Home video surveillance […]

School security(surveillance solution)

School security: Scale modernization of the campus has been growing more and more colleges and universities tend to socialization, so that security is an important part of the project of campus safety management, but also reflect the nature of the security features important part. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for campus to conduct a convenient […]


With the development of the society, the security products get more and more attentions from People, which make video surveillance system products applying into every corner of our lives. It has been an very important role for our beautiful life, so about how to better use it, PLS select FiberRoad. We will provide you with […]